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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space to facilitate the growth and evolution of consciousness within our community. We aim to guide you into the fullest expression of your human potential through the practice of power yoga. 


What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a dynamic, flowing yoga practice that links movement together with breath. This athletic style of yoga will get your heart pumping and your sweat pouring — all the while encouraging you to connect with something deeper than the physical.


The physical challenge of the practice serves as a training ground that prepares you to face deeper mental, emotional, and philosophical challenges off your mat and in your life. The aim of Power Yoga, ultimately, is to cultivate access to your own personal power and authenticity.

Is it hard work? You bet. Can you do it? Absolutely!


Power Yoga is for anybody - at any age, size, fitness level, or level of experience. This intuitive practice can be adapted and modified in infinite ways to meet your needs and be accessible to you, just as you are right now. 

The results will transform your life. Just show up, sweat, and watch the shift happen.

Core Values

Our Founder

Sam Newton-Whitaker

Sam experienced radical healing and transformation through the pathways and practices of power yoga. She’s been dedicated to sharing this practice ever since. 


After years of struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, Sam found herself wandering into a hot power yoga class in Southern California. That class powerfully altered the trajectory of her life.


Sam went on to study, work, and train in the fields of yoga, pilates, and personal training. She holds certifications in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga, restorative yoga, paddleboard yoga, pilates, group exercise, anatomy and personal training.

The practice of power yoga helped Sam understand that health and happiness are hers to choose and cultivate NOW - from moment to moment. Her mission at inPOWER is to support you to do the same. She delivers a class that takes you beyond the physical, through the physical. Expect a challenging, thought-provoking sweat session that will help you shift your vision and wake up to new possibilities and pathways for yourself.

Meet Sam

Meet the Tribe



For In Studio Practice

1. Pre-registration is recommended

2. Masks are optional

3. Studio is sanitized floor to ceiling between each class

4. High touchpoint areas are sanitized regularly

5. True HEPA filters scrub the studio air 6x per hour

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