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Be Present

We’ll meet you right where you are with our selection of class formats. Join us in our hot studio, connect with our community live from home, or practice on your own terms (anytime, anywhere) with our library of on-demand classes.

Hot Studio

Hot Studio

Our bright, beautiful hot yoga studio is not your typical studio! We offer state-of the art FAR infrared heating technology to warm our hot yoga classes. FAR infrared technology heats objects, rather than air, allowing you to reap the health benefits of heat without use of forced air or increased humidity. 

The incredible benefits of FAR infrared include:

Video Library

Need your yoga practice to be as flexible as you are? There’s an On-Demand Library for that!

With hundreds of hours of classes to choose from, and new classes added twice a week, you’ll never need to miss a yoga class again. 

Available 24/7, our on-demand library consists of recordings of live virtual and studio classes; perfect for the yogi who already knows some basic yoga poses and is ready to move, flow, and sweat.



Flight Club: Arm Balancing for Everyone

Get set to soar in this two-part workshop designed to give you wings!


The first rule of Flight Club is that Flight Club is for everyone.


Part One: Foundations of Flight will focus on Crow Pose (Bakasana) and its many variations.

Part Two: Beyond Bakasana will expand on the foundation built in Part One and empower you to fly higher than you could have imagined!


Join us for one session ($50) or both ($75).

Part One: Foundations of Flight

Sunday March 24


Part Two: Beyond Bakasana

Sunday May 5


Kids + Youth

Introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of mindfulness and yoga.

Soar with Sarah's unique programming will help your child  to improve their body coordination, better understand their emotions, deepen their ability to self regulate, and connect to their own inner zen!


Kids (4-8) and Youth (9+) offerings available:

Kids Yoga 5-Week Series

Saturdays 12-1pm 

April 6 - May 4

ages 4-9

Young Yogi + You 6-Week Series

Fridays 5:15-6pm

April 5 - May 10

ages 9+ 


Ready, Set, GROW.

Ready for a radical shift in your life? Join us during this powerful eclipse season for a 30-day program designed to spark meaningful change in your life.

Expect daily movement. meditation, and  mindfulness practices with two guides to lead you and a community to support you. 


Give us 30 days; we'll help you spark a personal revolution. Show up and shift.

April 1-30

Meeting Sundays 12-2pm

Virtual Studio

Connect and interact with us, live from your home! Our virtual classes allow you to tune in and get moving wherever you happen to be.

We can see you, and you can see us, live and in real-time! (Though if you’re feeling shy, you do have the option to work with your camera off).

First, download the free version of Zoom on your preferred platform. You can join us from your laptop, desktop, or any mobile device. 

When you register for one of our virtual classes, you’ll automatically receive a link in your email. When class time arrives, click on the link and we’ll meet you there!

Need help setting up for your home practice?

Connect with us.

Virtual Studio
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